Stress and Weight Gain

Stress is directly linked to weight gain. From increasing the appetite (and cravings for rich “comfort” foods) to decreasing motivation for exercise and activity, daily stress can compound, over time resulting in weight gain and increased risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This makes stress reduction an important part of weight management …

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SAFELipo and Fat Equalization

SAFELipo™ is a unique and advanced liposuction technique that works to reduce trauma, helps shorten recovery, and produces ideal, natural-looking contours. Utilizing an exclusive three-part process, SAFELipo™ does more than simply remove unwanted fat from the body, offering benefits that cannot be found with any other liposuction technique. If you are curious to learn more …

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How Long Does it Take to Recover from Post Weight Loss Body Contouring?

Loose and bulky skin is not uncommon following significant weight loss. Nor are a few stubborn fat deposits that simply refuse to respond to your efforts. These things, combined or alone, can serve to obscure your weight loss efforts, making your body instead look asymmetrical and awkward – and they may not ever go away …

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Can I Drive Myself Home After SAFELipo?

SAFELipo is among the most advanced liposuction techniques available today. Designed specifically to reduce trauma while simultaneously enhancing results, SAFELipo is able to produce a smooth, ideally contoured appearance to nearly any area of the body. The SAFELipo procedure has three steps: An exclusive basket cannula is used to gently remove stubborn fat deposits from surrounding …

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