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Derived from the Greek words literally meaning "womanly breasts," gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition that affects thousands of men in the United States. Sometimes caused by genetics, weight gain, and even certain medications, the results of gynecomastia are always the same and often have a tremendously negative impact on the self-esteem and confidence of men who suffer from the condition.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George P. Chatson is pleased to offer men in the Andover, Massachusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire, areas the option of male breast reduction. This procedure can restore a masculine physique and eliminate the appearance of womanly breasts permanently.

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If you would like more information about male breast reduction, please contact George P. Chatson, MD online or by calling one of our two offices: 978-687-1151 in Andover or 603-882-2103 in Nashua. Dr. Chatson treats men with gynecomastia living in and around Andover and Lowell, MA and Nashua, Salem, and Manchester, NH.

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Gynecomastia Correction

In some instances, gynecomastia is a result of excess fatty tissue. When this is the case, Dr. Chatson can make small incisions through which this tissue is removed with liposuction. Other men may suffer from gynecomastia as a result of excess glandular tissue, with or without additional fatty tissue. In these instances, Dr. Chatson will need to remove the breast gland through an incision placed along the margin or the areola (periareolar incision) to restore a normal appearance. Sometimes liposuction and breast gland removal are performed together.

Some men have excess skin as a component of their gynecomastia condition. If the skin excess is mild, it will often retract after the internal breast size is reduced and the desired result will be achieved. In cases where the skin excess is more significant, incisions to remove the breast skin may be required.

Dr. Chatson tries to place skin removal incisions, when needed, around the areola margin so as to keep noticeable scarring to a minimum. Each man with gynecomastia is unique. Working with you on an individualized basis, Dr. Chatson can determine the technique is most suitable for your body.

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Male Breast Reduction Candidates

Good candidates for male breast reduction need to be close to their goal weight and in generally good health. If you are a smoker, Dr. Chatson will ask that you quit at least six weeks prior to your procedure. Smoking can produce significant complications with male breast reduction recovery and results.

In addition to being near your goal weight and in good health, to be a candidate for male breast reduction you will need to be:

  • Prepared for a surgical procedure
  • Willing to limit activities during a brief recovery period
  • Able to follow all of Dr. Chatson’s pre and postoperative advice

It is also best to be prepared to make lifestyle changes that help maintain your male breast reduction results. These may include:

  • Adopting a healthy diet comprised primarily of plants, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates
  • Limiting your intake of sugar and processed foods
  • Committing to a regular exercise routine
  • Refraining from smoking both tobacco and marijuana
  • Limiting alcohol consumption

It is recommended that you aim for at least three hours of exercise every week. You can enhance your male breast reduction results with more intense and frequent workouts. If you choose to go this route, it is best to work with an experienced personal trainer.

During your initial consultation at our Andover, Massachusetts or Nashua, New Hampshire office, Dr. Chatson can discuss ways to improve your results and guard against a reoccurrence of gynecomastia.

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Gynecomastia Correction Recovery & Results

Recovery from male breast reduction is relatively quick. Most patients are able to return to work within one week and resume normal activities by three weeks. If your job requires lifting or other strenuous types of exertion, Dr. Chatson will recommend waiting up to three weeks before resuming all required duties.

Drainage tubes, if used, are usually removed within two to four days postoperatively. A compressive vest is worn for two weeks after surgery to reduce swelling and achieve the best possible chest contour. It is important during your recovery that you carefully follow all of Dr. Chatson's post-surgical advice and call our Andover, MA or Nashua, NH office should any concerns arise.

If you maintain your body weight after gynecomastia correction, the glandular tissue and fat that is removed will not grow back. However, this does not mean that you cannot re-develop gynecomastia. It is important after your procedure that you pursue a healthy lifestyle complete with plenty of exercise and a well-balanced diet. Male breast reduction often acts as an incentive to become more physically active and maintaining that activity will help your results last for a lifetime.

Maintain Your Male Breast Reduction Results

Swelling and bruising are common during the recovery period. Swelling can be reduced by wearing the compression vest provided by Dr. Chatson. Engaging in mild forms of exercise such as brisk walks can also help keep swelling under control, but bear in mind that, while exercise is essential for maintaining a toned and masculine appearance, too much exertion before you have fully healed can negatively impact results. Limit exercise in the weeks immediately following male breast reduction to those activities okayed by Dr. Chatson.

Swelling often quickly subsides on its own when pre and postoperative directions are followed diligently.

Depending on which surgical techniques are required to address your gynecomastia, scarring may be inevitable. Dr. Chatson takes great care to minimize scarring and will provide you with incision care instructions to help ensure scars become all but unnoticeable over time. These instructions will be discussed in detail before your procedure.

Recovery from male breast reduction is different for everyone, but most men begin to see final results around week six. Dr. Chatson will remain in close contact with you during this time to ensure you are recovering properly.

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To learn more about male breast reduction, pleased contact our board-certified Andover plastic surgeon today. Dr. Chatson treats patients dealing with gynecomastia in New Hampshire and Massachusetts from our two advanced plastic surgery centers. For service in and around Nashua, please call 603-882-2103. If you live in Massachusetts, please call 978-687-1151 to speak to a member of our staff.

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