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The Unique Benefits of SAFELipo

male model with athletic body wearing comfortable black cotton underpants standing Liposuction is a safe and reliable procedure for eliminating unwanted fat from the body. This procedure can either be done alone or in combination with other surgeries.

SAFELipo is an advanced liposuction technique that offers good results and reduced risks. In contrast to other types of liposuction, SAFELipo doesn’t use excessive force, heat, or lasers to remove fat from your body. 

If you are interested in this procedure, read on to learn more about the unique benefits of SAFELipo.

Fat Equalization

SAFELipo stands out from other liposuction treatments by guaranteeing fat equalization.

In standard liposuction procedures, your remaining skin and fat tissue may have a wrinkled or dimpled appearance. During SAFELipo, the remaining fat is smoothed and shaped to create an attractive, contoured result. 

Reduced Complication Risk

Skilled plastic surgeons also prefer the SAFELipo technique because of the reduced risk of complications.

To begin with, SAFELipo doesn’t affect the tissue that isn’t being targeted, including any muscles or blood vessels in the fat removal region. Furthermore, since this method doesn’t use any thermal technology, there is no risk related to thermal burns or thermal tool malfunctions. 

Overall, SAFELipo is more precise and careful than other liposuction techniques, so there is a much lower risk of uncontrollable bleeding or postoperative swelling. 


Aside from having a lower complication rate, SAFELipo also offers an easier recovery experience. 

You can expect swelling and discomfort following your SAFELipo surgery. However, the swelling shouldn’t be as severe as with traditional liposuction surgery, and you should be able to address pain with over-the-counter medications adequately.

Most people can return to work as soon as two to five days after surgery. You may have to wait longer if you have a physically demanding job.

As you heal, you can begin a gentle exercise routine. Frequent walking can help promote healing and reduce your risk for blood clots and other postoperative problems.  

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SAFELipo is an easy and low-risk procedure. If you are interested in receiving more information on liposuction, don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with Dr. Chatson. 

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