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Mood Changes and Breast Implant Illness


All surgeries have potential risks and side effects, and breast implant surgery is no exception.

One of the less understood complications from breast implant surgery is breast implant illness. Not an official medical diagnosis, breast implant illness refers to a wide range of symptoms that patients report experiencing only after they’ve received breast implants.

Although the FDA has found that silicone gel and saline implants are safe to use, not all women have the same experiences. If you believe you are suffering from complications, no matter how long you have had implants, it is a good idea to discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Possible breast implant illness symptoms include joint and muscle pain, hair loss, sleep problems, skin issues, and fatigue. Some patients have also reported cognitive and mood disorders.

In honor of Emotional Wellness Month in October, we are sharing information on post-surgery mental health symptoms. Read on to learn more about mood changes and breast implant illness.

Depression and Anxiety

While no one has definitively proven a causal relationship between breast implants and mental illness, scientific research and anecdotal evidence suggest a possible correlation between the two. Breast implant patients have described increased feelings of fear and distress, as well as low or sad moods. Patients have also expressed feeling foggy, tired, and unable to focus.

Regardless of the cause, mental health symptoms should always be taken seriously. If you are experiencing any emotional or cognitive difficulties, whether you have undergone breast augmentation or not, please reach out to a qualified healthcare provider for help.

If you are experiencing persistent thoughts of suicide or self-harm, seek immediate support. Dial 988 to contact the Suicide and Crisis Line or visit The Suicide Prevention Resource Center for additional support.

Importance of Sleep

Mood issues and mental health are closely tied to sleep. If our brains aren’t getting enough rest, our ability to cope with challenges and regulate moods dramatically decreases.

Patients suffering from breast implant illness often say they have problems with insomnia as well. This can complicate things, as a lack of sleep can be both a symptom and a cause of depression.

If you are concerned about mood changes following a breast implant surgery, you may want to track your sleep habits and discuss them with your doctor.

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