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How Long Does it Take to Recover from Post Weight Loss Body Contouring?

Loose and bulky skin is not uncommon following significant weight loss. Nor are a few stubborn fat deposits that simply refuse to respond to your efforts. These things, combined or alone, can serve to obscure your weight loss efforts, making your body instead look asymmetrical and awkward – and they may not ever go away on their own. This is where post-weight loss body contouring comes in.

Body contouring after substantial weight loss helps to enhance the results of your weight loss efforts. Through the removal of excess and unnecessary skin and the elimination of those last tenacious fat deposits, post weight loss body contouring helps to highlight your new contours, revealing the better defined, more ideally sculpted appearance you have worked so hard to obtain. What’s more, body contouring after weight loss helps to improve range of motion, addresses the issue of skin-on-skin irritation and rashes, and produces greater physical comfort. It can also make clothing options more attractive and serve as a springboard for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Post Weight Loss Body Contouring Recovery

Post weight loss body contouring involves a combination of lift procedures, liposuction, and, when necessary, abdominoplasty to tuck, trim, and tone the frame. Depending on which procedures are used to help you reach your goals, you may require one to two weeks of rest before you can return to work and resume other non-strenuous activities. Depending on factors unique to your body and recovery, it could be six to eight weeks before you can resume more demanding activities and up to six months before you feel fully “back to normal.”

Recovery from plastic surgery is different for each person. Experienced, honest, and committed to patient comfort, Dr. George Chatson will provide individual instructions to help you prepare for and recover from your procedure. During your follow-up visits, he will assess your recovery to help you determine when it is safe to resume specific activities.

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