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When is a Body Lift Necessary?

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During a body lift, excess fat and skin are removed from targeted areas of the frame. A combination of several lift procedures, body lift surgery becomes necessary when a single option, such as a thigh lift, would not be sufficient for ideal results. This is often the case following bariatric surgery or other forms of rapid weight loss during which the skin does not have time to shrink.

Significant weight loss often leaves behind loose and sagging skin. This can produce a bulky and uneven appearance. It can also impact clothing options, reduce range of motion, and obscure your weight loss results. Body lift surgery eliminates these collections of unnecessary skin to reveal the musculature and definition hiding beneath.

In addition to excess skin, rapid weight loss may fail to eliminate all fat deposits. Some, particularly those in areas like the abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs, where stubborn collections of fat may hang on long after surrounding areas have thinned, can result in lumpy, dimpled, and jiggly areas throughout the body. During a body lift, these fat deposits are removed, highlighting the underlying shape of the frame. This can help to finalize your weight loss efforts and create a look that is much more emotionally and physically comfortable.

Why Choose Dr. Chatson?

Dr. George Chatson is an award-winning, patient-focused, board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience helping patients reach their goals. Dedicated to patient safety and results, Dr. Chatson utilizes advanced body contouring techniques, including SAFELipo, a specific liposuction technique that helps to reduce risks and speed the recovery process while offering the most lifelike and pleasing results possible. Dr. Chatson is one of very few plastic surgeons in the United States who offers this incredibly effective liposuction technique.

In addition to SAFELipo, Dr. Chatson utilizes state-of-the-art technology and performs all procedures in accredited surgical facilities to help protect patient safety and ensure the best results. During your initial consultation, he can discuss these things in greater detail and answer all of your questions to help you decide if a body lift is the right choice for you.

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