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National Men’s Health Month

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June is National Men’s Health Month. This is a great time to schedule an annual exam with your PCP, begin a new exercise routine, and focus on the types and quantity of food you consume. It’s also a good time to begin considering cosmetic procedures that may be able to assist you in reaching your aesthetic goals.

Diet and exercise are fantastic ways to sculpt and tone the body. Alone, however, they are not always enough to completely achieve your goals. Body contouring can assist in these efforts.

Popular male body contouring options include:

  • Abdominoplasty. Also known as tummy tuck, abdominoplasty removes excess skin and fat from the belly and re-firms abdominal muscles
  • Liposuction. Dr. Chatson uses SAFELipo™, a patented and incredibly effective liposuction option that can be used to remove stubborn fat from nearly any area of the body
  • Male Breast Reduction. Female-like breasts on male chests can be embarrassing and emasculating. Male breast reduction addresses this issue to restore a firm and well-defined appearance to the chest

Surgical body contouring addresses those issues that cannot be corrected through lifestyle changes. Alone or in combination, these procedures can restore a more chiseled and firm appearance to areas of the body that have become indistinct and soft.

In addition to body contouring, facial plastic surgery is increasingly popular among men. Highly effective options include:

  • Forehead Lift. This procedure eliminates creases from the forehead and lifts sagging eyebrows
  • Eyelid Lift. Also known as blepharoplasty, an eyelid lift can remove dark circles and puffy skin from lower lids and lift upper lids into a more alert position
  • Facelift. Addressing skin laxity from the jawline to the cheeks, facelift surgery can take up to 10 years off of your appearance

For men not interested in surgery or for those issues that surgery cannot correct, Dr. Chatson offers non-surgical options including dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. The most effective way to learn which options will produce the best results is through a private consultation at our North Andover, MA, or Nashua, NH office.

Give us a call at 978-687-1151 or 603-882-2103 to schedule your consultation today.

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