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Can Rhinoplasty Help With Breathing Disorders?

beautiful Asian woman with smiley face and red lips touching her nose Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, helps to shape and contour the nose to bring it into ideal alignment with surrounding features. The procedure can improve nostril size, shape, and symmetry, remove bumps and humps from the bridge of the nose, redirect and sculpt the nasal tip, and create an overall more balanced and appealing appearance. In the process, rhinoplasty may also assist with some breathing issues.

By correcting malformations of the nasal structure, enlarging nasal passages, and evening out the nostrils, rhinoplasty can assist with issues such as sleep apnea, a condition marked by periods of not breathing while you sleep. While largely cosmetic, rhinoplasty can also correct minor septal deviation, an issue linked to chronic sinusitis, frequent congestion, headaches, and more. However, if septal deviation is pronounced, a septorhinoplasty, where both cosmetic and functional corrections can be made, may be more helpful in addressing breathing difficulties.

It should be noted that, while rhinoplasty may assist with breathing disorders, its purpose is largely cosmetic. During your initial consultation, Dr. Chatson will listen to your reasons for considering rhinoplasty, discuss the benefits and limitations of the procedure, and help you determine if nose surgery is the right fit for your needs.

When Rhinoplasty Corrects Breathing Issues, is it Covered by Insurance?

Even when it fixes septal deviation or removes obstructions, rhinoplasty is typically considered an elective procedure and is not covered by insurance. There may be some exceptions to this, particularly when your PCP recommends surgery, but it is rare for insurance to provide coverage for this type of procedure.

At our offices in North Andover and Nashua, we offer various financing options that can be used to cover the cost of rhinoplasty. Some, such as SurgeryLoans and CareCredit, offer promotional pricing and other perks that make them incredibly attractive for patients not interested in paying out of pocket. During your initial consultation, we can provide additional information about these options.

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