miraDry® Offers Immediate, Long-Term Relief from Excess Underarm Sweat

Most people sweat with increases in temperature, during physical activity, or in stressful situations, but it is thought that about 1 in 5 people suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which a person sweats excessively and in unpredictable circumstances. An increasing number of people who suffer from the effects of excess underarm sweat are finding lasting relief with miraDry, a safe and effective nonsurgical treatment.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George P. Chatson is proud to offer miraDry to patients from the greater Andover, Massachusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire, areas. If you suffer from excessive underarm perspiration, please call our Andover office at 978-687-1151 or our Nashua office at 603-882-2103 to schedule your miraDry consultation.

miraDry is designed to treat axillary hyperhidrosis, the form of hyperhidrosis associated with the underarm sweat glands. miraDry uses a small, hand-held device to deliver controlled bursts of electromagnetic energy to disable the sweat glands. miraDry is noninvasive, and unlike other treatment options for hyperhidrosis, miraDry provides long-term results without chemicals or toxins, or the need for surgery.

For the right patients, miraDry offers an immediate and significant reduction in underarm perspiration. While results vary by individual, a clinical study of miraDry indicated an average decline in underarm sweat of more than 80 percent.

Most patients require two miraDry sessions about three months apart to achieve optimal results. miraDry treatment sessions are brief—each is about an hour—and patients are typically able to return to their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

Dr. Chatson will discuss your individual expectations and the miraDry process with you in detail during your personal consultation.

If you experience excess underarm sweat and would like to learn if miraDry is the right choice for you, please contact George P. Chatson, M.D., Cosmetic Surgery of the Face & Body. Dr. Chatson welcomes patients from the greater Andover and Lowell, Massachusetts, and Nashua and Salem, New Hampshire, areas.

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