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Does Breast Lift Tape Work?

Breast lift tape is exactly what it sounds like: a tape that is designed to lift and hold the beasts without the assistance of a bra.

Reviews of breast lift tape are mixed, with most of the positive reviews coming from women with naturally smaller breasts.

Does Breast Lift Tape Work?

Does breast lift tape work? That depends on what you mean by “work.” Evidence suggests it provides a gentle lift for women with smaller breasts, allowing them to leave the bra at home on occasion, but for women with larger breasts, the lift provided by tape can be lopsided, uncomfortable, and comically ineffective.

There are several factors, including the size of your breasts and how much sagging is present, which will impact the efficacy of breast lift tape. These same considerations factor into breast lift surgery as well, though the latter is not nearly as limited in scope, making it effective even for women who have larger breasts and more substantial sagging.

About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is exactly what it sounds like: surgery designed to lift the breasts into a more youthful position. Unlike breast lift tape, a surgical breast lift is not necessarily designed to let you go sans bra. It is, however, designed to create a perkier, more symmetrical, and more attractive bust in women who are experiencing breast ptosis.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Chatson offers a range of breast lift options, including incisions options, which allow him to customize the procedure for each woman. In cases where volume has been lost in addition to lift, he can provide breast lift with implants to help ensure fullness and projection are revitalized as well.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Chatson is an award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience helping women achieve their goals through targeted and personalized procedures. Thoughtful, attentive, careful, and responsive, Dr. Chatson takes time to fully plan and perform breast lift surgery, helping to ensure the most natural-looking and long-lasting results possible.

If you are considering breast lift surgery, please call Dr. Chatson’s North Andover office at 978-687-1151 or his Nashua office at 603-882-2103 to schedule your initial consultation today.

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