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Age, gravity, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations are all factors that can make your breasts sag and lose their youthful appearance. For women with larger breasts, noticeable sagging may occur earlier in life, but most women will experience some amount of ptosis with age. Smoking, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can all increase ptosis, though to what degree varies from woman to woman.

More than an aesthetic issue, sagging breasts can interfere with your clothing options and significantly reduce your self-esteem and feelings of appeal. Various breast surgeries rejuvenate the appearance of sagging breasts, but many women choose a breast lift to restore a youthful breast shape and position. 

With a breast lift from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George P. Chatson, you can enjoy the firmer, more youthful profile you desire and the self-confidence you deserve.

Breast Lift Options

Among other questions about breast lift surgery, you may be wondering about how it is performed. There are various incisions based on the characteristics of your breasts. Possible techniques include:

  • Circumareolar mastopexy (Benelli Lift) – a circular incision is made around your areola. Excess skin is removed and the remaining tissue is lifted and firmed over the breast mound. This is the least invasive option and will result in a less conspicuous scar. It is ideal for mild to moderate ptosis, and it is the most common mastopexy technique performed by Dr. Chatson.
  • The lollipop lift – an incision is made around the areola with an additional vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease. This option is best for women with moderate sagging.
  • Full-pattern mastopexy (anchor incision) – incisions are made around the areola, vertical from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally along the breast crease. This option offers the most dramatic results and is often best for women with larger breasts and more pronounced ptosis (sagging).

The best technique for your breast lift surgery will be dependent upon your anatomical features and your appearance expectations. Dr. Chatson tailors each breast surgery procedure to complement the unique body of each patient. During your consultation, Dr. Chatson will discuss your options and make recommendations to meet your needs.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Many of the factors that result in breast sagging also cause a reduction of volume and symmetry. In these instances, Dr. Chatson may recommend combining your breast lift with breast augmentation. This is a particularly effective method for producing stunningly beautiful results and is often a part of larger procedures such as the post-pregnancy beautification process known as a mommy makeover. This, along with all of your other options, will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Chatson.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of breast lift surgery and discuss your options for correcting breast sagging, please contact George P. Chatson, MD, to schedule an initial consultation today.

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