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Danica Patrick Opens Up About Difficulty of Receiving a BII Diagnosis

Breast Implants

In a recent Instagram story, famed NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, opened up about her breast implant illness diagnosis, which came only after she had taken “every test that could be done.” Complaining of issues as diverse as cycle irregularity and weight gain, tests found heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut, thyroid issues, and more, but treatment for these things proved unsuccessful. The symptoms persisted.

As time passed and she found herself going further “down the rabbit hole” of medical options, she became increasingly suspicious that her issues may stem from her breast implants. Although she had augmentation surgery over seven years prior, she took her suspicions and list of symptoms to a board-certified plastic surgeon who was able to diagnose her with BII and perform implant removal. According to her story, she found “immediate relief” after removing her implants.

The fantastic news is that Danica Patrick, like hundreds of women before her, found relief from breast implant illness following explantation and capsulectomy. The tragedy, however, is that the diagnosis was delayed for so long. Unfortunately, this is very common with breast implant illness.

Partly because the symptoms of breast implant illness can be disparate, including things like muscle weakness and joint pain, memory and concentration problems, mood swings, cycle irregularity, skin rashes, and more, the condition can be difficult to diagnose. However, the more people become aware of the reality of breast implant illness, the more likely this range of symptoms will point physicians and other healthcare professionals toward its diagnosis.

Chatson is Here to Help

Dr. Chatson has been offering breast implant removal and capsulectomy for several years. He believes women can assess their symptoms and trusts those who come to him for help deserve to be heard. If you have breast implants and suspect you may be suffering from breast implant illness, he is here to listen to your symptoms, discuss treatment options, and help you choose the best way forward.

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