What Are the Top 3 Benefits of Cosmetic Facial Fillers?

Facial filler procedure

Cosmetic facial fillers are a terrific way to enhance your overall appearance without the seriousness of a full-on surgical procedure. These fillers come in many different types and can help achieve various goals with how you want your body to look. Facial filler procedures are an approachable and easy treatment for anyone looking to explore the cosmetic treatment spectrum. Continue reading to find out more about the three major benefits of these fillers, and why they might be a great choice for you.

Easy and Approachable

Probably the most sought-after benefit of facial fillers is how simple the procedures are to have done. These fillers are simply injectable procedures that typically are put into the face but also can be done all over the body. It simply depends on what kind of filler you are looking for, and the results you want it to achieve. Another factor with fillers is that they don’t take long to be done. You and Dr. Chatson will plan out injection zones and then the fillers will be applied to those areas. Typically, you are only at our location for anywhere from half an hour to a full hour.

Immediate Results

The results of these procedures can be seen immediately after they are done. Though it does depend on your goals, as maybe you were looking for a tighter facial appearance, rather than supple. In either case, results are prevalent immediately after the procedure and will continue to settle and look better for quite some time after. This time frame varies between each type and brand of filler, but optimal results typically show themselves between a handful of weeks and the two-month mark. The results typically last for around six months with some being able to persist until the two-year mark. It just depends on the type of filler, your body, and general care of it.


Fillers can be used to apply volume, smoothen out skin, tighten sagging skin, and even act as a consistent moisturizer for the area. And if you don’t have an inkling of exactly what type you are looking for or the goals you want to achieve, Dr. Chatson can help you during your initial consultation. He will discuss with you reasonable expectations and which fillers will achieve your desired cosmetic goals.

If you’d like to schedule your consultation or inquire about these fillers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at George P. Chatson M.D. in North Andover, MD, by calling 978-528-1174.

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