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Types of Liposuction

Andover Lipo, Liposuction in Nashua There is no arguing that liposuction is the most effective way to remove excess fat from nearly every area of your body. There are several different types of liposuction.

Board-certified Massachusetts and New Hampshire plastic surgeon Dr. George P. Chatson uses SAFELipo and PAL, techniques he has found to be of the greatest benefit to his patients.

Liposuction Options

All liposuction is performed with a small tube called a cannula which is inserted through tiny incisions in the skin. The cannula uses suction to gently remove excess fat and, when used without assistance, is known as “traditional liposuction.”

Traditional liposuction is the least effective liposuction method and is not routinely offered by Dr. Chatson. Today’s liposuction techniques include:

  • SAFELipo: The most advanced type of liposuction, SAFELipo uses a specially designed probe to gently break fat deposits apart.
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL): This type of liposuction uses a motor to vibrate the cannula and break up fat deposits, resulting in more efficient removal.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: This type of liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to breakup deposits of fat allowing for more effective removal. The ultrasound energy 

Most plastic surgeons favor one or two techniques over the others.

SAFELipo Fat Removal

It is important to remember that new techniques do not necessarily indicate a higher level of effectiveness or safety. Dr. Chatson has carefully reviewed all available types of liposuction and decided to only offer SAFELipo and PAL to our patients. Dr. Chatson has found the combination of these two techniques to be the most effective, least traumatic form of fat removal while also reducing many liposuction risks, such as bleeding and bruising.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Chatson will be happy to further discuss the benefits of these advanced liposuction options. To schedule a personalized visit, please contact us online or call 978-687-1151 for service in North Andover and other areas of Massachusetts. Dr. Chatson also maintains an office in Nashua, serving Salem, Manchester, and other areas of New Hampshire. To reach this location, please call 603-882-2103 .

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