The Dangers of Abdominal Fat in Men

A casual glance around any public area can show that a softer midsection is fairly common in men, particularly with age. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with a bit of bulge around the belly and, if it doesn’t bother you, there may seem to be no reason to address it. No reason, that is, except avoiding a premature death.

Visceral Fat Kills Men | Liposuction in Andover, MA Abdominal fat is incredibly dangerous. The Mayo Clinic suggests belly fat is linked to:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • Type 2 diabetes

June is Men’s Health Month. If you have a little extra pudge around the middle, give Dr. Chatson a call to schedule a consultation at our Andover, MA or Nashua, NH office and learn how we can help you reduce your risks through targeted body contouring procedures.

Layers of Abdominal Fat

There are two layers of abdominal fat: subcutaneous, resting just below the skin, and visceral, found deep in the body. Visceral fat forms in between organs and can eventually fill the entire abdominal cavity. This is the layer of fat that is linked to disease and premature death. Unfortunately, it is also a layer that cannot be removed through liposuction. However, this does not render SafeLipo ineffective for men with belly fat.

Dr. Chatson can use liposuction to remove subcutaneous fat. This, in turn, can reduce bulk and bulge in the midsection, helping increase range of motion and improve overall endurance. With a slimmer body, more intense exercises – those that target and destroy dangerous visceral fat – become easier to perform. This allows liposuction to help provide a springboard for a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, what you do with your liposuction results is up to you, but the harder you work, the healthier you will become. This Men’s Health Month, if you’re ready to take a stand for your health and happiness, call 978-687-1151 to learn how Dr. Chatson can help.

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