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Is Hyperhidrosis Worse in the Summer?

miraDry | Cambridge | Hyperhydrosis Treatment Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive underarm perspiration. Under normal circumstances, this condition can be incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing. When the weather gets warm, hyperhidrosis can become much more troublesome, creating extreme physical and emotional discomfort for several months at a time.

If you struggle with hyperhidrosis, you know that antiperspirants are more insulting than effective. You also know that, minus antiperspirants, there is very little that can actually be done to control excessive underarm sweat. Very little is, however, more than nothing – and in the case of hyperhidrosis, a lack of options does not make the solution any less amazing. In fact, a lack of effective hyperhidrosis treatments is precisely what makes miraDry® so exceptional.

Treating Excessive Underarm Sweat

miraDry is a nonsurgical treatment for hyperhidrosis. With this procedure, Dr. Chatson can target and eliminate specific sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat your body produces. A perfect alternative to the surgical removal of sweat glands or the temporary blocking of nerve signals with BOTOX®, miraDry offers a permanent reduction in sweat production.

According to clinical studies, the average reduction in perspiration following miraDry treatment is 82%. For many patients, this occurs after just one treatment. With summer fast approaching, now is the best time to call our Cambridge-area office for a miraDry consultation. Undergoing treatment now will allow for maximum results before the truly warm weather begins.

miraDry Recovery

The miraDry procedure takes about an hour to perform. Following your procedure, you should be able to resume most normal activities immediately. Some people find exercise a bit more challenging for one or two days, but miraDry recovery is, by and large, not an issue for most.

miraDry treatment will not require you miss work. It can, however, help make you’re your time in the office more comfortable as a reduction in sweat production can easily translate to greater confidence in working and social environments. If you struggle with excessive underarm perspiration, Dr. Chatson welcomes an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs, and to help you determine if miraDry is the best solution.

Don’t be Afraid of Perspiration

Perspiration shouldn’t play a determining factor in the clothing you wear, the activities you pursue, or the overall quality of your life. If you find yourself having to consider excessive underarm sweat when mulling over what to do with your time, give Dr. Chatson a call to learn about miraDry. Just one treatment can permanently reduce underarm sweat production and open up a world of opportunity that hyperhidrosis has made seem inaccessible.

Dr. Chatson is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Cambridge and surrounding areas from his office in Andover. If you live in Massachusetts and would like to learn more about miraDry, please call 978-687-1151 to schedule your consultation today. Patients in New Hampshire can make appointments at our Nashua office by calling 603-882-2103

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