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How Soon Can I Wear A Bra After Breast Augmentation?

Woman in bra after breast augmentation The decision to get breast augmentation is a momentous one that could drastically improve your confidence and self-esteem. For many women, the most exciting aspect of getting breast implants is the first time they go bra shopping afterward.

Dr. George P. Chatson is an award-winning plastic surgeon in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and he knows how exhilarating it is for his patients to shop for new bras after their life-changing breast augmentation. Here is a quick guide to help you navigate the process of buying bras after breast augmentation.

Bras to Wear during Breast Augmentation Recovery

Immediately after your surgery, Dr. Chatson will fit you with a surgical bra. It’s important that you wear this surgical bra for the first four to six weeks of your recovery.

Supporting your breasts throughout this initial recovery period is vital. That will help them heal and attain their ideal shape. The pressure of the surgical bra will also help reduce swelling. It’s important to not shop for new bras until your swelling has reduced completely, because it will otherwise be difficult to determine your bra size.

During your recovery period, you may wear a supportive sports bra. It’s important to wait until your incisions are fully healed before you wear underwire and push-up bras. That’s because underwire bras can irritate your incisions. Dr. Chatson will ensure the incisions are fully healed before you graduate to the fun part – picking out your new bras.

Get A Professional Fitting

When your four to six weeks of recovery are over, you’re ready to buy new bras. After undergoing breast augmentation, you’ll need to purchase new bras that fit your current breast size. Dr. Chatson recommends that you go for a professional bra fitting once you’re fully recovered to ensure this process goes smoothly.

The benefits of a professional bra fitting extend beyond getting your new size. The experts you work with during a fitting can also help you find the perfect level of support and the styles that will work with your new body.

It may also be smart to avoid buying bras online at first, even if your preferred retailer is online. Until you’re completely comfortable with your new breast size and shape, it could be helpful to only buy bras you can physically try on. Woman putting on bra after breast augmentation

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