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Facelift Surgery Questions

Salem Facelift FAQ What problems can a facelift address?

A facelift is ideal for correcting many of the signs of aging, including sagging skin on the cheeks, jaw, and neck, jowls, double chin, and deep lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. A facelift will not address problems in the upper half of your face, but can be combined with procedures such as a browlift for optimal results.

How long does facelift surgery take?

The amount of time your facelift surgery requires will be dependent on the type of facelift you are having. In most instances, you can expect to be in surgery for three to four hours, but it is impossible to give an exact time prior to your procedure. Board-certified Massachusetts and New Hampshire plastic surgeon Dr. George P. Chatson takes as much time as is necessary to ensure a full restoration of youthful appeal.

What is recovery from facelift surgery like?

Some mild pain, swelling, and bruising are common following a facelift. Pain can be controlled through the use of medications prescribed by Dr. Chatson. Swelling and bruising should subside two to four weeks. You will have postoperative visits during this time to ensure you are healing appropriately.

Most people can return to work within two weeks, but final results may not be apparent for one to three months. Strenuous activity should wait for three to four weeks after surgery. Following recovery, you can expect the results of your facelift to last from seven to 10 years.

What are the risks of facelift surgery?

Surgical complications with a facelift are rare, but not impossible. These include bleeding, infection, reactions to anesthesia, and delayed wound healing. Additional concerns include deep vein thrombosis resulting from inactivity during the recovery period.

Dr. Chatson is a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. All of his procedures are performed in state-of-the-art surgical facilities where your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are the top priorities. Taking time to closely follow all of Dr. Chatson’s postsurgical advice will further help reduce your risk of complications following this procedure.

Am I a good facelift candidate?

Good candidates for a facelift should:

  • Be in generally good health
  • Be non-smokers
  • Be prepared for a surgical procedure and recovery time

Age is not a factor in facelift considerations. However, it is important to have realistic expectations. Dr. Chatson aims for natural-looking, balanced results that enhance your appearance without making you look inappropriately young or tight.

If you live in Lowell or Andover, Massachusetts, or Nashua, Salem, or Manchester, New Hampshire and are interested in a facelift, please contact George P. Chatson, MD, online or by phone to schedule a consultation. We have two offices: one in Massachusetts 978-687-1151 and one in New Hampshire 603-882-2103 .

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