Does Male Breast Reduction Leave Scars?

During the male breast reduction procedure, excess fat and tissue are removed from the chest to help restore a masculine appearance to the upper body. For fat removal, Andover plastic surgeon Dr. George Chatson uses SAFELipo™, a revolutionary liposuction technique that is designed to:

  • Eliminate the risk of damage to surrounding muscle and tissue
  • Eliminate the risk of thermal burns
  • Reduce the risks of bleeding, swelling, and bruising
  • Speed the recovery process

With SAFELipo, your male breast reduction surgery will enjoy fewer risks of complication and your recovery time will be minimized, but you may still have some post-operative scarring.

Scars After Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction Recovery | Andover, MA | Nashua, NH Liposuction is a surgical procedure during which special instruments are inserted through a tiny incision to access stubborn pockets of fat. The SAFELipo technique requires only the tiniest of incisions and, with male breast reduction, these are often placed in the darker skin of the areola.

Small incisions in darker skin tend to be all but unnoticeable within a few months. If incisions are cared for properly during recovery, it is possible that male breast reduction scarring will be so faint that no one will notice. Proper care is, however, absolutely key for this result.

When you are recovering from male breast reduction surgery, liposuction, or any plastic surgery procedure, it is important that you care for your incisions to help avoid infection and slower wound healing. A slower recovery process or an infection will likely produce thick, pronounced scars that will be visible to yourself and others. This makes following Dr. Chatson’s pre and postoperative instructions all the more important.

You can reduce your risks of developing thick and ropey scars after male breast reduction by:

  • Not smoking. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that delays the body’s natural healing response. To avoid complications from smoking, it is important to eliminate nicotine from the body at least six weeks before male breast reduction surgery
  • Ceasing certain medications, supplements, and herbs. There are a number of medications, supplements, and herbs that can slow the healing process. Dr. Chatson will carefully review any pills, capsules, tinctures, or powders you are taking to help you determine which will need to be ceased prior to your procedure
  • Keeping incisions clean. After male breast reduction, it is vital that incisions be kept clean and dry. Failure to do either of these things can result in infection. Infection will delay healing and potentially cause thick and noticeable scars
  • Refraining from excessive exercise. Exercise will be essential for maintaining male breast reduction results, but too much too soon can irritate incisions, increase swelling and bruising, and result in thicker scars

The best way to prevent visible scarring after gynecomastia treatment is by following the instructions provided by Dr. Chatson. A board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Chatson will work directly with you during all phases of your procedure to help ensure your results are in line with your goals.

If you are considering male breast reduction in or around Andover or Lowell, Massachusetts or Salem, Manchester, or Nashua, New Hampshire, please call 978-687-1151 or 603-882-2103 to schedule a private, confidential, and informative consultation with Dr. Chatson.

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