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SAFELipo™ is a revolutionary new liposuction technique designed to minimize risks, reduce postoperative discomfort and recovery time, and optimize body contouring results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Chatson is pleased to offer this body contouring option to men and women living throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Please call our Andover office at 978-528-1174 or our Nashua office at 603-294-4189 to schedule a consultation and learn more about this exciting new liposuction technique.

The SAFELipo Process

SAFELipo utilizes a three-part process designed by Dr. Simeon Wall of Shreveport and is available through only a few of board-certified plastic surgeons nation-wide.

  • Step one – stubborn deposits of fat are broken up and gently removed from surrounding tissue with a specially designed probe or basket cannula
  • Step two – fat deposits are mechanically emulsified and removed using safe but effective levels of suction
  • Step three – fat shifting and fat grafting are combined to sooth any remaining layers of fat for an ideally contoured result

Unlike other types of liposuction, SAFELipo does not rely on force, thermal heat, lasers, or other methods to emulsify and remove fat. This gives SAFELipo very distinct advantages over alternatives and makes it the ideal solution for many of our patients.

SAFELipo Advantages

Advantages offered by SAFELipo include:

  • No damage to blood vessels, surrounding tissue, or muscles
  • No risk of thermal burns
  • Reduced risks of bleeding
  • Reduced risks of postoperative swelling and bruising
  • Faster recovery process
  • Fat equalization

Fat equalization is entirely unique to SAFELipo and one of its biggest benefits. This final step of the SAFELipo process smooths the fat underneath the skin to eliminate risks of lumpy, dimpled, or wavy section in the treatment area. This allows SAFELipo to produce highly contoured and ideally smooth results no matter what part of the body is being treated. Dr. Chatson can discuss this and other benefits with you in greater detail during your SAFELipo consultation at our Andover, MA or Nashua, NH office.

SAFELipo Candidates

The best candidates for SAFELipo are men and women who are in generally good health and close to their ideal BMI. As with all liposuction options, SAFELipo is not a good alternative for weight management or a healthy method of weight loss. If you are not close to your goal weight, Dr. Chatson will discuss methods that can be used to help get you where you need to be for optimal SAFELipo results.

Good SAFELipo candidates should also be:

  • Ready for a surgical procedure and recovery period
  • Aware of all potential liposuction risks
  • Willing to follow both pre and postoperative instructions

While safer and more effective than many liposuction options, SAFELipo is still a surgical procedure. Dr. Chatson will honestly and openly discuss the benefits and potential risks of this surgery in greater detail during your initial consultation.

To learn if you are a good candidate for SAFELipo, please contact George P. Chatson, MD today. Dr. Chatson serves Lowell and surrounding areas of Massachusetts from our Andover office, and Salem and surrounding areas of New Hampshire from our office in Nashua.